Winter Blues? The Best Travel Locations to Escape the Cold


Summer is coming, which can only mean one thing. Sunshine. Sometimes, anyway, depending on where you live and how lucky you are. UK summers can be scorching for one or two days, getting hit by a sudden heatwave and then rain again. By the time Autumn comes we’re left wondering if we’d even had a summer. If you want to get away from those incoming winter blues that autumn can bring after a disappointing summer, then why not fill the october 2021 calendar with some sunny days instead? Here are some suggestions to some lovely, sunny places to help ward off those low winter moods. 


Australia is quite an obvious sunny vacation, with the winter season being so hot that they even have a barbecue for their Christmas dinner! October is one of the best months to visit Australia as it’ll still be warm enough to visit the southern beaches comfortably, and it’s during term time so it’ll be cheaper, and less crowded. Or perhaps you would want to visit the Sydney Opera House, where temperatures will be around 21°C for the whole month. You also have a chance to get a peek at some of the wonderful wildlife there, such as the Koalas or Kangaroos. 


Florida might not seem the more obvious choice at first, but if you happen to have any little ones, you could take them to Disney World there, where the average temperature for your cold autumn October is 20°C. Take them round to see all their favorite princesses, or perhaps go alone and have fun on the array of rollercoasters they have. If Disney isn’t quite what you’re after, there are also Universal Studios with rollercoasters, live shows, and attractions. Or perhaps you could visit the coastline, which will be still warm enough to visit and plenty to explore with over 1300 miles of it. 


Cyprus has average temperatures in the low 20s for most of October, lapping up the last of the summer sun, and is the perfect destination to consider if you want something a little more relaxed and laid back. There are many different cities to stay in with lots of beaches and coastlines to laze about on to finish up that tan you started in August. And if sightseeing is more up your street, there’s a lot of old cathedrals and churches still in great condition that you can visit, as well as some beautiful historic sites and landmarks. 


The coldest one on the list here with an average of 19°C, which is still much hotter than your average British October which is only 12°C. If you go to Turkey, you could visit the Dolmabahca Palace, an amazing structure built in the 19th century. Or go visit the Kemer alti Market on a beautiful warm sunny day, which has been the heart of Izmir for hundreds of years. There are also many other historic sites and even some History museums around the country as well to learn more about this wonderful country. Or if you want a more relaxing trip, you could visit one of the beaches or take a ride on the trams. There are many different tourist attractions and cities to choose from to spend a lovely warm October. 

These are just a handful of the places you could go to during October to revitalize yourself before winter sets in and you have to lift the big coat and scarf out the wardrobe again.


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