Traveling The World To Feel The Essence Of Life

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Humans are very complex creatures. What makes a human complex is an emotion that a person feels. Many have tried to understand why humans feel this so-called emotion. The emotion of love, hate, jealousy, boredom is something that almost every human that lived in this world has felt. Feeling emotion and living them is very common. What is uncommon is how to deal with them. It is a common fact among these emotions, some are desired, and the rest is something that no one wants to feel even in their worst nightmares. What is important is not avoiding those feelings but how to deal with them. Everyone wants to feel happy, but many fail to understand that happiness is temporary and comes and goes in life. What constant is the boredom and the hollow feeling that a person feels almost every day?

Giving light to some taboos in society:

These are some basic thoughts that everybody should ponder about, but almost everybody tries to ignore them. Having these feelings is acceptable, and some researchers and scientists even say that these are necessary for a person’s life. But what’s more important is that a person should have the capability of dealing with them. Almost everybody has a different style in dealing with these feelings of boredom. Some take up new hobbies. Some try to indulge in some other activity, while some try to talk about it. But many people cannot deal with them and later in life are admitted with post-traumatic stress disorder or even become depressed. Having good people around is very important to those people because those people will give good advice to them. One can also have good advice if he or she has the internet and does a google search to have a good solution that is in the liking of that person searching for it. Some may suggest a solution that may not align with the person having the problem, and the worst thing during these times is getting bad advice, so one should look out for people.

A beautiful solution:

One of the most basic solutions to these problems that almost everybody knows and that almost everybody can do is traveling. Travelling does not mean making a trip halfway around the world and spending one’s hard-earned money on retail shops, and staying in expensive hotels in order to find oneself. One can make short trips to nearby places and stay in really inexpensive places or can couch surf in order to find a shelter. It is the thought that matters. Taking the first step is the hardest, and after that, almost everything will align itself. Traveling, discovering new places, meeting new people, and interacting with them is something that can not be achieved if somebody has millions of dollars. Hearing their stories and sharing yours is truly blissful. Traveling is something that a person can do even if he or she is living on the minimum wage. The solution is there. What matters is how somebody finds it.

Places to travel:

If a person thinks rationally, the whole world is like undiscovered territory, and one can start on their quest to discover, but everybody needs a starting point. One may say that if a person wants to travel he or she should go to cities which are quite popular because it will be easy for them to settle in. but in reality, one should start from a place he or she is most comfortable, one should fall in love with traveling, rather than forcing oneself one should let their mind and body flow.

Lexington :

Therefore one should start from small cities where they are most comfortable. One of the best cities to start one’s travel stories is Lexington. Travel in Lexington (Kentucky USA) is like none other. Lexington, which is famous for its horse and is often called the horse capital of the world, is the second-largest city in the state of Kentucky and overall counts as a metropolitan city. There are various places in Lexington for the traveler or a tourist to visit. Some of them are:

  • Kentucky horse park: it is a working horse farm, where horses from all around the world are kept and taken care of. Other than that, it also has various tracks where major international equestrian competitions are held. 
  • Waveland state historic site: originally built as a Greek revival house, it is famously known as Joseph Bryan’s house and is maintained by the Kentucky state park system. In recent years it has become quite a traveling destination, and every year thousands of visitors come here.

Without shelter, no traveling is impossible. And likewise, if a person is planning to visit Lexington to let go of his pain and stress, there are various options for him or her. One can always do a google search for information regarding hotels and inns that provide shelter at a reasonable price. One can also ask the locals there for their stay, many are willing to help, so it makes it easier to find accommodation there. Some of the hotels that offer world-class services at a reasonable price are:

  • Red roof inn Lexington: situated only 3 miles from central Lexington, they offer very cheap rooms for a day at very good services. They have free wifi throughout their premises and even provide fry cleaning services for the quest. Room service is also available so a person can order food to their heart content.
  • Hyatt place Lexington: as the name suggests, it is one of the most luxurious hostels to be found in Lexington, with a rating of at least 8.5 on almost every traveling site regarding hotels in Lexington. They provide almost every known facility that is provided by a hotel in the world.


So, in the end, traveling is one of the most effective ways to tackle earthly problems likedepression or PTSD, or any other stress-related problem that a person has. Travel in Lexington (Kentucky USA) is worth giving a shot.


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