The Horse Capital Of The World, Lexington!


Horse Riding in Lexington 

Lexington, also known as the Horse Capital of the World, is very well known for horse riding, and the city houses two tracks for horse riding- the Keeneland and The Red Mile. Lexington is known for some of the very quintessential things of Kentucky. It is unofficially the capital of Bourbon County, and most of the world’s bourbon comes from Lexington. The city has a population of about three lakhs with many tourists and migrants who go about from Kentucky to the neighboring states.

Many stories bring out the deep-rooted immigrant food knowledge of the city. one of the most common foods available here is Japanese food. Ever since Toyota set up their factory and outlets, it has given wings to many jobs to the people present. This has led to a lot of the Japanese population to be settled in the city. 

Travel and culture

The local influence of the growing immigrant communities makes the travel of the city more interesting. Many diverse communities keep adding to the existing flavors of the city. Immigrant food and culture have now imbedded into the far-fetched story of Lexington. At the same time, autumn brings a lot of pleasant weather and a widespread cuisine of food.

 Lexington houses many sports bars, which are popular with horse riding in action over the years. The whole vibe of fans screaming at the bar, all supporting their favorite jockey and making bets, and the whole experience should be experienced first-hand. Some people travel all the way to party in Lexington, more than eight hundred people enjoying at a bar and on certain days competing over the races like goldfish racing, which usually ends with the winner getting concert tickets or any similar prices. 

Fewer wonders

One of the few unusual things that happen in Lexington that does not happen worldwide is the Scarefest, which is one of America’s largest horror and paranormal convention. It usually has about five thousand people flocking across the city and celebrating this weekend festival to mingle and socialize with like-minded horror enthusiasts who follow many horrors. The city hosts a midnight screening of horror movies. In addition to that, there are Scarefest marriage ceremonies which encourage the horror enthusiast couples to seal their bond through eternity. 

History of the city

The history of the city is pretty simple. The city derived its name back in the 1770s during a victory battle, and ever since that day, the city has been named Lexington. While it was previously known as Fincastle County, it soon changed. The town was chartered back in 1782 by the General Assembly of Virginia. Lexington was one of the largest and wealthiest towns in Kentucky. Lying west of the Allegheny Mountains, with busy commute roads with most of the population staying on the road most of the time.

It was said to be one of the wealthiest and fertile lands in the whole of the United States. With the developments recently, other cities surpassed Lexington, but it one of the best cities to live in the States of America. Lexington has a way better quality of life than other cities in terms of quality of education and well-being, food, and commute time. The low crime rates and higher health care options bring increased tourists to the city over the years. It is an extremely safe city, and this is why it has a lot of tourists and immigrants every year. People can wander about the streets very easily at any point in time and could feel safe, having a crime rate lower than average. There are a lot of places to visit in the city of Lexington, which include the Red Mile and Keeneland tracks, which are extremely popular racetracks for horse riding, which is quite common as it is known as the Horse Capital of the world. Most of the renowned horse riders come to Lexington to practice and enjoy. Some of the well-known places in the city are:

  • Rupp Arena 
  • University of Kentucky 
  • Bluegrass Community 
  • Kentucky Horse Park

Statistics and quality of life

Lexington ranks on the high as one of the cities with the lowest taxes with a sales tax, which is as low as 6%, and an incredibly low property tax. Most of the residents can ride horses and ponies in the neighborhood. Lexington happened to be one of the first US cities to host the Equestrian Games, which brought more than half a million people to the city for the games. It was held with a lot of pomp and grandeur.

The city happens to be the capital in the world for the bourbon supply. The metro area of the city includes five counties, which are: Clark, Jessamine, Bourbon, Woodford, and Scoot. It has the second-largest metro area in Kentucky, with an area of over, with an incredibly diverse landscape. At the same time, having to manage a rapidly developing population while keeping strict urban growth to keep and protect the area for the horse farm from development. 

Climate and atmosphere

The weather in the city is cool most of the year, except that it exists in the humid climate of the subtropical zone, where there are hot, humid summers and comparatively cold winters with some mild occasions in between. The city is said to be in a high allergy zone, so the tourists must take precautions. The Athens of the West has one of the most stable economies while fortifying the economy through manufacturing, technology, and the support of the entrepreneurial industry.

The city has an extremely low unemployment rate and is hence ranked one of the best cities to live in. There are a lot of hotels in the city for the incoming tourists as well as houses some of the greatest tourist places for welcoming hospitality and solace. In conclusion, it is important to know where to visit in the city as it has a lot of places to explore. 


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