Signature Souvenirs of Different Countries


With the current state of the world and the continuous management of the pandemic, it looks as though we may all be able to travel again in the next few months. For the mass majority of us, we haven’t been able to leave our own countries for the last year.  Within this period, we have all had plenty of time to plan all of the holidays that we want to take and so it is expected that once it is possible, there will be a surge of people hopping on a plane in order to see what the rest of the world has to offer us.  

This time of not being able to go on holiday has had us all reminiscing about the previous holidays that we have taken. Though we may all have pictures and some questionable memorabilia from our various holidays, it is fair to say that we can all agree that we have never taken the time to collect souvenirs that really represent the countries that we have visited. So now that we will be able to visit other places, we will all want to bring back souvenirs as a means to commemorate our return to normality. Here are some of the signature souvenirs that we recommend that you pick up on your next holiday.  

Delicious foods from France 

Though this souvenir will not last you forever, there is no greater way to remember your time in France than having some of the delicious food that you were able to try while you were there. If you find the right bakery, then you should be able to buy packaged baked goods that will make it home safely for you; dit is een van de beste cadeaus voor 1-jarige meisjes as children quickly get bored of toys and figurines, but they never get bored of delicious sweet foods.  

Delftware from Amsterdam

Though Amsterdam is known for a lot of things, arguably one of the most recognizable souvenirs that you can purchase from there is Delftware. If that name isn’t something that you are familiar with, it may ring a bell if you think about blue and white tableware. Though this can be bought from all around the world, nothing compares to the real thing. Trying to find some Delftware can be a fun activity that you do while you are on holiday and will give you the chance to get to know Amsterdam a lot better.   

Funky KitKats, Tokyo 

If you are someone that doesn’t necessarily care for physical souvenirs or decorations, but you are looking to try something new, then you should definitely look into trying some KitKats from Tokyo. These KitKats come in hundreds of different flavors, some that sound delicious and some that sound incredibly unusual.  The KitKats also come in dozens of different colors, so if you are someone that has a lot of popularity on social media and you are always looking for that perfect aesthetic snap, then you will definitely want to try these.  


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