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Lexington (Kentucky USA) is said to be the world’s horse capital because of its richness in farms and stadiums that support exquisite care to the horses and keep the culture of horse racing long-lasting. Lexington, Kentucky, has a brief history to share as it was established and named in the 1770s. If you are thinking of paying a visit to this beautiful city, you must have to think about the city’s weather, Right? Lexington is located in the northern periphery. Therefore, it has a humid climate zone. It is a hot mess in summer and mild cold in winters. Weather makes it a perfect fit to travel.

Beauty of Lexington

Kentucky is very famous for horse riding and horse breeding. Therefore, it tends to be an attractive place for racing lovers. It is said that there is no place, which can give you real joy and the pleasure of watching the horse race. Lexington, the city of Kentucky, settled in the core of Bluegrass, is filled with natural, cultural, and historical attractions to explore.

Lexington is home to several historical complexes, and it is famous must-see Street art in its Northwest Central part. Apart from that, Kentucky is famous for its Bourbon Whiskey, food, and historical places too. 

Top 5 tourist attractions in Kentucky

  1. Kentucky horse park: This horse park lies on Lexington’s outskirts, which is approximately ten miles north of the city. In the country bluegrass, everything is specifically about horses and their breeding. Therefore it will be a kick-ass start to your travel journey. The visitors here are entertained with films on the activities, events, and parks. Visitors are allowed to enjoy horse riding, but you have to spend some bucks over the joy.
  2. Lexington Cemetery: The cemetery was established in the early 1840s as a public cemetery. It embraces acres of land filled with bright green grass. The highlight of the cemetery is the political, social, military, and environmental antiquity of the town, although it pays tribute to braves. The soothing sunshine and calm breeze is a perfect place for sighting.
  3.  Mary Todd Lincoln House: She was Abraham Lincoln’s wife. It is her childhood house, where all the portraits are attached on the walls in the Lincoln family’s memory. Visitors can take a tour of the house having 14 rooms.
  4. Keeneland: It a public, professional racecourse open for the visitors. The racecourse is decorated elegantly. You must visit here and soak in the aura of the racing culture.
  5. Raven runs nature sanctuary: It is an outdoor destination having hiking trails as well. The sanctuary is a perfect blend of nature. It is a home of birds, and various yoga and events sessions have also been conducted here.

Above were the top 5 places you can visit to make your trip lasting.

Do Not Worry About Hotels

A safe place to stay in the first concern before planning a trip. Many of the key attractions are in the downtown area. Therefore there are several hotels available to make your stay convenient. Luxury hotels cost much, but the facilities are according to the price as well. Keeping the cost aside, the hotel room offers you a sight of nature and a cold breeze with a hot cup of coffee in the very morning. The hotel service is marvelous.

Mid-range hotels are generally located in the north of the city, having a common sitting area and normal-sized room. The service facilities are good as well. If you are looking for budget hotels, then you must try some guest houses.

What makes Lexington a must-visit place?

There are several factors and places which makes it a must-visit the place, such as:

  • Historic Botherum: If you’re in downtown Lexington and you love roaming around big trees and in beautiful gardens, then it’s the place that you shouldn’t miss to see. It’s a 170-year old historical place, and there is a very old gigantic ginger tree. It’s known as the Taj Mahal of Lexington, Kentucky. 
  • Distillery Districts: Lexington’s Whiskey heaven Ice cream lounges, bars, and restaurants are the things that you will get to enjoy in the Distillery District of Lexington. You for sure would like to visit a place where you can chill, listen to music a little and drink famous Bourbon Whiskey. Distillery District is one of those places. It sits northwest of downtown and is home to a historic distillery building and plenty of street art. 
  • Kentucky Native, Lexington Cemetery, the art museum, and historical red-brick buildings are some other sights that you can enjoy seeing in Lexington.
  • Horseriding in Lexington is fun: Lexington is known for its love for horses. Horseriding is one of the things that Lexington people are known for. If you’re an animal lover or someone who loves adventure, horseracing is one of the to-dos. 
  • There are several farms and museums where you can learn more about Lexington’s love for horseracing. Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Farms and The Kentucky Derby Museum provides travelers with horse riding tours’ services.

A guide to the foody traveler

Anywhere you go, you need to know good places to eat. Suppose a place doesn’t have places where one can enjoy roaming around in that place. Fortunately, there are plenty of great restaurants and places to eat in Lexington. Its local cuisine won’t disappoint you for sure.

There are several famous restaurants and cafes where all vegetarian travelers go to eat. It’s known for its Hoppin John and cabbage salad. Though it’s famous for veg food, some non-veg items are also available here. 

There are also places named Local Taco. Suppose you’re meticulous about hygiene and cleanliness. This is the place you should come to. You can have queso, corns, and local cuisines here. A place named Mi Pequeña Hacienda is a good restaurant, especially if you enjoy Spanish/ Mexican food. It has some delicious homemade hot sauces. 

Lexington is a perfect blend of racing, exotic foods, mother nature, and whatnot. The unique idea of horse breeding makes Lexington a must-visit city.


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