Enjoy A Fun And Exciting Trip To Lexington, Kentucky


Located in Kentucky in the United States, Lexington is quite a large country in its space and population. This second-largest city is widely known for its Keeneland and horse farms. This is North America’s most sophisticated city and home to million-dollar horses and houses. If you are planning to take a trip to Lexington, you can explore a lot of interesting places. Because of its location towards the western side of the Allegheny mountains, Lexington is also referred to as “the Athens of the West.” The climate of Lexington favors visitors across the world. 

Why visit the city of Lexington?

Lexington is not only culturally more acclaimed but is also one of the wealthiest cities of North America. You can find the University of Kentucky in this American city. Also, right at the center of Lexington can be found in the thoroughbred industries. This city is surrounded by very pretty neighborhoods that are mostly Victorian structures. There are plenty of historic properties that are garden-clad. In the compact downtown of Lexington, the visitors can find small distilleries. Travelers who are a big fan of horse racing can certainly find contentment and satisfaction in this city. The infamous brewery buffs of Lexington attracts people from all over the world. 

Top-tourist attractions of Lexington

There are many activities and attractions in Lexington that are quite equestrian. This place is filled with plenty of natural, cultural, and historical attractions that the visitors can enjoy exploring. There is a historic place dedicated to a very influential First Lady named Mary Todd Lincoln House. You can get an entirely different perspective on her life from this house, full of cultural importance. Kentucky’s Aviation Museum also happens to highlight the flying history of this state. Here are some of the places you need to pay a visit when in Lexington: 

1. Kentucky Horse Park – This is one of the world-famous sites of Lexington. This horse farm is open for the interest of the public. Horse enthusiasts visit this place to get all sorts of information and knowledge about horses. You can learn everything about the Kentucky horse tradition. Visitors also learn about the historical importance of the Kentucky horses in this park. You can enjoy a rather exciting horse trekking and hides on horse carriages along the park.

2. Mary Todd Lincoln House – Originally built in the year1803, this house is dedicated to Abraham Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd Lincoln. This beautiful brick house is made in Georgian-style and displays some beautiful family portraits of Mary Todd Lincoln. There are also some personal belongings of the Todd and Lincoln families. This house has 14 rooms that can give you a properly guided tour. You can enjoy a remarkable real-life story on the First Lady. 

3. Lexington Cemetery – This public cemetery happens to highlight the Kentucky community’s political, social, environmental, and military history. It is a beautiful green space that is covered throughout for a comfortable walking experience. Visitors can find many different types of trees in this cemetery that is perfect for bird watching. 

4. Aviation Museum – The location of this museum is at Bluegrass Airport. This museum inspires many people interested in pursuing a career in this field. There is plenty of aircraft that are on display for the tourists who visit Lexington. The accomplishments of all the Kentuckians are exhibited in this museum. 

5. Keeneland – This professional racecourse was established in 1936. It is open for visitors for entertainment purposes. There are well-decorated grounds that surround this racecourse. The racing culture of this place is incredible for a thorough tour by the millions of visitors. The historical archives found here are also quite extensive. 

6. The University Of Kentucky – It is another wonderful Lexington site that people love to pay a visit to. The Art museum of this University is quite an attraction for all the visitors. It is a great source of knowledge for art enthusiasts. The Art Museum features sculptures, paintings, photographs, drawings, and many other art forms. 

7. Waveland State historic site – It is also referred to as the Joseph Bryan estate. You can get to observe the history of 19th-century plantation life. The mansion called Greek Revival is one of the major attractions of Lexington. There is a smokehouse, icehouse, and even servants’ quarters to explore. 

8. Raven Run Nature sanctuary – This nature sanctuary covers 734 acres. This outdoor destination is quite excellent as a hiking trail. You can observe the beauty of nature out here and even educate yourself about nature. The visitors in this sanctuary can also observe different varieties of birds. Explorers can also get to witness the Joe Pulliam Memorial garden in this nature sanctuary. 

9. Hunt-Morgan house – Also known as the Hopemont, this house has a cantilevered staircase, a walled courtyard, and a beautiful garden. The wide collection of furniture from Kentucky can also be observed here. Apart from that, 19-century porcelain and portraits are quite remarkably featured in this house. It is just a part of the beautiful Gratz Park Historic district in the downtown area of Lexington. 

10. Kentucky theatre – Everyone enjoys a good movie showdown at a theatre. This is Kentucky’s most famous theatre that features many indie and blockbuster movies. The historical relevance of this theatre is quite appealing to the tourists to visit Lexington. 

Where to stay & what to eat? 

In Lexington’s Downtown area, there are plenty of luxury hotels where visitors can choose to stay. These hotels feature quite a lot of fun activities exclusively for tourists. Apart from great hotels, there are also world-class restaurants that offer a fine-dining experience to all the food lovers. You can find great pubs and nightclubs to enjoy fun-filled nightlife with your friends and families. The tourists can enjoy all the local and traditional North American delicacies right in this city’s restaurants and nightclubs. Lexington is also quite famously known for barbeque, bourbon balls, and, most importantly, hot brownies. Burgoo is one of the major Kentucky staple foods that can be included either with pork, chicken, or sometimes even mutton. 


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