A Complete Guide To Travel In Lexington (Kentucky, Usa)

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Different people have different preferences while choosing their place of travel for a vacation or even for settling down. While some prefer highly economic areas for the purpose of settling, some others would opt for a historic and cultural place. However, for the ones looking for history and culture-rich destinations for their next travel plan, this article is the one for you to help you provide a complete guide to travel in Lexington (Kentucky, USA). Lexington is one such place that is rich in culture and aesthetics along with modern touch when it comes down to the modern facilities. The one unique thing about the place is house farming, which in turn adds to the economy of the city and the population. Hence, here is all that you need to know before traveling to the city.

Best time to travel and stay places

To be specific, the best time to be visiting the city is either fall or summer as the humidity during summer is about to 86, and that in turn adds a warmer sensation. However, if you are to be visiting the place to meet the newly born foals, spring or summers would be the best time for you. For the stay prices keep fluctuating depending on the tourist attraction time of the year and also the place you choose to stay in. however, the average cost of the stay for the month of January can be presumed to be about $68 per night at a 3-star hotel which is the lowest and the highest remains in the month of June which rises to $260 per night in the same facility. For a historic and luxurious experience, one can choose to stay in Gratz Park, Ashland park, or even Downtown Lexington, which are some of the best neighboring areas for you to choose to accommodate.

Suggestions for hotels

Choosing hotels that suits your preference best is the key to derive the best out of a travel plan. Thus, here are certain suggestions based on your preference:

  • If you have plans of enjoying golf on your vacation, the Lexington Griffin Gate Marriott Resort and Spa can be a place for you as they possess their golf vicinity adjacent to the hotel.
  • For the basketball lovers out there, Rupp Arena is one of the best tourist attractions. Hence, one can easily plan a stay nearby the arena at Hyatt Regency Lexington, which also is surrounded by some very famous restaurants and bars for you to enjoy a lively experience.
  • The University of Kentucky is another tourist attraction located in Lexington, and you can book a stay around the areas in Holiday Inn Express & Suites that offers a luxurious stay.
  • Courtyard by Marriott Lexington North and Spa and Clarion Hotel Conference Center North are the ones to choose if you are someone looking for relaxation and chill by a poolside in an enclosed area.
  • The Courtyard by Marriott Lexington and TownePlace Suites by Marriott Lexington are the ones to be chosen specifically by the business travelers as it is located near the hospitality and business rich center of Lexington.

Eat outs in Lexington 

For the ones looking for exotic and mouth-watering cuisine, the city has a wide range of offerings for you to treat your tastebuds too. To give a generic overview, in all, there are 121 American restaurants, 22 restaurants with Italian cuisine, another 22 steakhouses, 20 restaurants offering Mexican dishes, and 15 outlets offering seafood to its customers. Here are some enlisted:

  • Carson’s food and drink
  • The tulip’s bistro and bar
  • Tony’s of Lexington
  • OBC kitchen
  • Malone’s- Lansdowne
  • Dudley’s on short
  • Honeywood restaurant
  • Portofino
  • West main crafting co

When it comes down to steak, the city’s restaurants have been rated second and third for their service in Italian cuisine and steakhouses, respectively. Hence, tasting food from each of the places can get you the best of culinary experiences while you travel in Lexington.

Other things to be done

Apart from gaining experience in luxurious accommodation and mouth-watering culinary expertise, there are several other things for you to do while in Lexington. A different activity that is certain to be enthralling to most people would be touring at the Old Kentucky Chocolate Factory, which has been supplying chocolate connoisseurs all across the world in different places with delicious Bourbon Chocolates and Bourbon Cherries that are made from 100-proof Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon. The Lexington opera house would be another best place to visit and get an experience of which hosts local concert performances for you to experience the local culture of the place. Hence it is something that should not be missed out at any cost. These may be enticing places for mature travelers. However, if you are traveling with kids along, do make it a point to take them to the explosion, which is specifically a museum for children to get their different hands-on activities to inspire learning in them along with brewing imagination in their minds.

Sum up: 

To come to a concluding point, there are several expectations that one thinks of while planning a trip to a particular destination. In some cases, it turns out to be more on the upsetting side, but in the case of choosing Lexington as your destination, it is only a win-win situation on your end. There are as many varieties of things for you to do in the city that you can’t even think of. Right from experience the history and beauty of the place to indulging in the best of culinary expertise, the city has its beauty and elegance to offer to its travelers. There are very few destinations that offer such diversity to their travelers, Lexington being one such place that ought to be on your bucket list of travel destinations. Thus, be it with friends or with family, or with your loved ones, Lexington is one such place you must be visiting at least once in your lifetime.


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